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Save 20% with the booklet set! Each booklet contains the tips and advice regarding various functions of ACAWSO.


Newcomer Booklet - The Adult Children of Alcoholics program is often the only program for many adult children recovering from the effects of alcoholism or other family dysfunction. Meetings are intended to be safe places where we can share our experience, strength and hope without judgment or criticism. This booklet introduces the newcomer to ACA, a spiritual program based on action coming from love. 

Cross Talk Booklet - In ACA, we create a safe place to open up and share. As part of creating that safety, cross talk is discouraged. Learn the various forms of cross talk and how keeping the cross talk rule helps keep ACA meetings safe. This booklet also offers members' experiences dealing with cross talking. 

Identity Papers Booklet - This important booklet contains the three reports that gave ACA its identity and purpose over 20 years ago during the formative years of our fellowship. The Identity Papers include the foundational language, focus, and method of recovery that sets ACA apart from other Twelve Step fellowships. 

Good Enough Booklet - Wondering if your meeting is hitting the mark? This booklet helps members address group issues or concerns in a potentially positive manner. 

Booklet Set (4 Booklets)
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