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SKU: 107-146-CAN
Type: Audio

An interactive presentation and discussion about ACA’s “No Cross Talk” Guideline, that is meant to help keep meetings safe. We are in charge of ensuring that our meetings are safe places for us to help uncover our personal trauma and nurture our Inner Children.  When cross talk is allowed, it may be about groups that are not clear about boundaries and their importance to our personal growth. This workshop is an opportunity for us to discuss a topic that can be confusing for many, including when a group can go too far in enforcing it; thus inadvertently causing the safety concerns they are hoping to avoid. Other types of safety issues will be covered as time permits.

From the 2018 AWC (ACA World Convention) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2018 AWC - Mary Jo L - Cross Talk & Meeting Safety (CD not available; download only)
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